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About Us

We Stream Live is brought to you by Artist Digital, a digital communication agency located in East Sussex, UK. We hold a wealth of experience and expertise in digital communication, media production, videography, marketing and event management and promotion. 

Our unique approach is not limited by creating a professional video stream but is also focused on supporting your strategic planning, content creation and audience development. We are determined to make your event accessible to the wider audiences and to enable your continuous and expanding connection with your followers. 



Live Event Streaming

Whether it is performing, business or family event, whether it is static or involves movement, ranging from one to multiple performers on stage, we will provide three cameras' quality streaming experience with an extended provision for your audio needs.

Pre-recorded Video Streaming

Not all events require live streaming. To extend your opportunities for event promotions and direct communication with your audience, we can record your event so you can stream it as a premiere video on social media or via your website.

Post-stream Video Production

When streaming or recording your event, we collect a lot of media data. We can help you to use these materials to produce quality video content for your marketing, including video clips, advertising teasers, social media content and many more.

Full Cycle Event Promotion

If you are new to digital events, we can help by taking you through the entire process of creating, promoting and running a streaming event or video recording. We will help you to set your event up, to produce publicity materials, we will boost your publicity with organic and sponsored promotions and will stream your event online supporting your communication with your followers.

Studio Streaming

For business and educational events, we can offer an enhanced digital experience for your team via streaming and video recording from our studio in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The studio is located next to the Eastbourne train station and two large car parks. Get in touch with us for more details.

Our Prices

The prices indicated below are for guidance only. The final quote might differ depending on the complexity and details of your event. The travel expenses for our crew will be added to the final quote for the events located outside 30 miles radius from Eastbourne, UK.

In this difficult time we will always try to accommodate the customers’ situation. Get in touch to find out more about what we can do for your budget.

Live Event Streaming

Charities & Community
£ 650 for 2h event
  • 4h Access Before Event
  • Technical Setup & Testing
  • Streaming & Monitoring

Live Event Streaming

Business & Commercial
£ 750 for 2h event
  • 4h Access Before Event
  • Technical Setup & Testing
  • Streaming & Monitoring

Full Event Package

Set up, Streaming, Promotion
£ 899 per event
  • Event Setup incl. Ticketing
  • Promotion incl. Sponsored
  • Streaming & Monitoring
Full Support

Post Streaming

Video & Content Production
£ 250 per day
  • Video content Selection
  • Video Editing & Rendering
  • Final Product Promotion
Full Support

Our Streams

For each project, we provide a professional framework developing a number of bespoke designs to accompany the stream or video production. We actively use the client’s existing branding or, if the customer doesn’t have branding tools to hand, suggest some basic branding elements to create a distinctive video product. We stream onto our own channels or use the channels provided by the customer.

If the production doesn’t use professional lighting, we do our best to provide lighting solutions within the client’s budget. We also accommodate accessibility elements, such as live or post-production captions and subtitles. We have the capacity to use virtual backgrounds and other digital elements to enhance your viewers’ visual experience.


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